St Regis Sunny Isles


St Regis Sunny Isles

A fantastic opportunity for those seeking an elite residential experience: St Regis Sunny Isles. This 2+1 residence combines luxury and comfort with its 210 square meters of space. With two bedrooms and three bathrooms, it offers you a comfortable and spacious life.

It is not just a residence, but a lifestyle. This residence offers access to all the amenities of a St Regis Sunny Isles Beach residence. Located in a privileged location, this residence embraces a luxurious lifestyle that emphasizes quality and comfort.

It is not only notable for its ample space, but also for the services it offers. From travel arrangements to shopping, from event coordination to car rental services, it offers a wide range of support. 24-hour security, valet parking, pet care, and hotel reservations are all available.

This residence is not just a residence, but a unique lifestyle, luxury and brilliance. If you are looking for quality living, St Regis Sunny Isles may be the ideal choice for you.

Delivery South Tower: 2027

1Due at contract30%
2Due 12 months from contract10%
3Due at pouring of 40th floor10%
4Balance due at closing50%

Delivery North Tower: 2028

1At Reservation5%
2Due with Purchase Agreement10%
36 months after15%
412 months after or Groundbreaking (the earlier of)10%
524 months after or pouring of the 40th floor (the earlier of)10%
6Balance due at closing50%



Ahmet Bayram

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