Diesel Wynwood Residence


Diesel Wynwood Residence

Diesel Wynwood Residence, as the name suggests, draws attention with its 1+0 studio that reflect a modern and unique lifestyle. The apartments, each 37 square meters in size, offer extraordinary comfort and elegance. These residences are equipped with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

The facilities offered by this project leave no room for disappointment. Details such as social living areas, pool and poolside relaxation area, spacious hall and game room enhance socializing, entertainment and relaxation. In addition, features such as a sun terrace, fitness center, spa experience and relaxation rooms support healthy living and peace of mind.

Drawing attention with its architecture, Diesel Wynwood Residence offers spaciousness and high living spaces with its ceiling heights and penthouses. With its unique design that rejects conventional standards, it promises a lifestyle beyond the ordinary. The project offers unique opportunities for those in search of an extraordinary life. This is an ideal option for those who want to take life out of the ordinary and make it special.

#Payment StagePercentageTimeline
1At contract signing7.5%At signing
2Within 4 months of contract signing7.5%4 months after signing
34 months later10%8 months after signing
4At top off20%Varies
5At closing55%At closing



Ahmet Bayram

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